Are You Leading Community?

As part of my last two paid positions (I’m one of those bi-vocational types), I’ve become familiar with numerous community and regional programs and governing bodies. Over time, I’ve become a member of several community coalitions and committees, all with purposes of protecting, nurturing and educating the 0-26 age group. One of the most interesting […]


Called To Be Mary

I am a task-oriented person. Checklists, those are my jam. If you ever look at my desk, you will find a notebook solely dedicated to listing and checking off my day’s responsibilities. Once it is written down, you can bet that I’ll work my hardest to get it accomplished and crossed off the list. Most […]


Tell Me Something Good…

Each Sunday, in our middle school service, we have our students break up into small groups and tell each other their highs and lows of the week. “Highs” being the awesome things: friends visiting, passing a test, receiving an award — “lows” being the not-so-great pieces of their week: a fight with a sibling, or  an embarrassing fall during a basketball […]