Curse Words and Raw Relationships

I like it when people curse around me. Like, say bad words. It kind of excites me. Not because it’s taboo. Not because I’m weird. I like it because in those moments, they’re being real. They’re being raw. It occurred to me last night that many people know who I am, and know what I […]


Vows To Four-Year-Old Daughter

Watch these beautiful wedding vows to each other and their four-year-old daughter. Watching this brought tears to our eyes. This would be a great video to highlight with students when you are discussing marriage, relationships, vows, commitment, and/or purity. Watch the video and then start the conversation by asking a few of these questions: What […]


Love in General

In NextGen ministry, we spend a great deal of time discussing how we talk about sex. We discuss when we should talk about it. We discuss when we should not talk about it. We discuss getting the parent’s on board versus not getting the parents on board. We discuss age propriety and gender propriety. But […]