The Welcoming Guests Dilemma

Things at Elevate Student Ministries have been CRAZY lately. I mean just nuts! It seems like I’m just running back and forth from one issue to another. This past Wednesday, I didn’t introduce myself to one of our visitors and I’m okay with that. Here’s why: We have a fairly intricate system for welcoming our guests, but […]


My Jalapeño Plant

About a year ago I planted a little jalapeño seed in a small flower pot in a home-made greenhouse on my front porch. I watered it, and cared for it, and checked on it daily with hope for that little seed to sprout… but nothing happened. For weeks I waited and nothing happened. I was just […]


True North Leadership Academy

True North Leadership Academy is radical 9-month Christian internship that runs from September to May with opportunity to earn a grant of 13 college credits. True North is defined by making Jesus the uncontested center of your life and passionately focusing upon developing deep intimacy with Him. True North is a navigational term, which is a […]