Summer Camp Download

Have you ever seen the movie Heavyweights? If not, it’s a story of a young man who gets sent to “fat camp” for the summer. Of course, he can’t stand the thought of being there but, once he arrives, he is pleasantly surprised by the friends he makes. The first night in their cabin, the […]


What If We Aren’t Trees?

When you look at the cross section of an old tree you see history. You see the increase of the good years, you see the stagnation of the bad years. You see years when there was plenty. And you see years when there was little. And you can look at old scars that have healed over. I […]


See You at the Pole 2016

The national See You at the Pole event is a great opportunity for students across the community to get together for one common purpose. “We Cry Out” is this year’s theme… Here’s a video promo you can use with your group… Wednesday, September 28 A generation seeking Him! —Psalm 24:3–6 GLOBAL WEEK OF STUDENT PRAYER Sunday, September […]