Your Stress Doesn’t Matter

“You’re a teenager… what do you have to be stressed about?” “You don’t have a job, a family, bills, how could you possibly be stressed?” “Your stress isn’t as big as mine, so it doesn’t matter.” Recently I did a 4-part series on “Stress” with my youth group. The response was surprising. I thought we’d talk […]


And a Little Child Will Lead Them

I started playing piano when I was little. Like, first grade little. I liked playing but I hated lessons. So, like may 7-year-olds, I quit. Fast forward 17 years. Now I am 24-years-old and have a herniated disk that is keeping me from working and I have a ton of “free” time. It was then […]


The Butterfly Circus

Our President, Glenn Burris, shared the following on Facebook this week: A high school janitor told the 17-year-old student that God was going to use him to speak to multitudes. The young man (though parents of pastors) had only had a personal relationship with Jesus for two years. He had serious doubts that those words […]