Holiday Humbug

It’s the holidays. That wonderful time of year that starts on October 31 and runs through January 1. It’s that time when everyone gets all chill and happy and all “Joy To the World” and whatnot. Well, everyone except ministers. Well, maybe just me. You see, in my experience, church people tend to get busy. Crazy […]


An Open Letter to My First Grandchild

Written by Foursquare’s national NextGen Director, Ryan Brown… Desiree Cathleen Maciel Today you turn 12. You are amazing! So kind, smart, pretty and talented. Every time I’m around you I feel like I’m talking with a very deep soul. Full of hope, full of promise. I am so very, very proud of you. I know you […]


Right Now Media

Are you looking for a discipleship, training, media content solution for your church? We want to point you towards Right Way Media… The wealth of information and valuable content available in their media library is amazing! And their mission is on point: to encourage millions of Christians to be on mission wherever God has them. There […]