The Welcoming Guests Dilemma

Things at Elevate Student Ministries have been CRAZY lately. I mean just nuts! It seems like I’m just running back and forth from one issue to another. This past Wednesday, I didn’t introduce myself to one of our visitors and I’m okay with that. Here’s why: We have a fairly intricate system for welcoming our guests, but […]


Home is Where Your Truck Is

A few weeks ago I was in a minor accident. A nice young lady wasn’t paying attention and ran into my pickup. Her insurance covered the whole thing. They also paid for a rental car for the time that my personal vehicle was in the shop. Pretty standard stuff. So this past Monday I took […]


13 Reasons Why I Chose Life

Whatever you think about the phenomenon, it has taken on teen culture by storm: over three million copies of the novel Thirteen Reasons Why have been sold and the Netflix series has broken viewing records. Thousands of teens have watched it — despite the MA rating — and the conversations going around schools everywhere are enticing other teens to jump […]