Technical Difficulties

My 12-year-old daughter is facing challenges this year that her older sisters didn’t have to face until they were years older. Part of those challenges include having access to the vast expanse of the world wide web at such a young age. And, if you know me, you know that I understand technology and the Internet […]


That Series Will Keep

It occurred to me the other night that God’s Word isn’t leftovers. His Word isn’t some fleeting form of food that is subject to decay. My senior pastor might say, “He is Holy! His Word won’t go moldy!” And then half the congregation would laugh and the other half would slowly shake their heads. I […]


Good Mythical Morning

We are ministers. Ministry best happens through relationships, through connections. One of the most solid ways to connect with people is by sharing common interests. I once had an autistic student whose world I just could not break into until one day I sat down with her and asked her what her favorite movie was. We […]