A Day In A Teen’s Digital Life

What does a typical day in a teenager’s digital life look like in America? Check out this quick video from Common Sense Media and read about The New Guide to Managing Media for Tweens and Teens.


When Students Catch the Vision

A few weeks ago I found myself in our seriously over-crowded youth room surrounded by a mass of students I didn’t know, all chatting and laughing away. The room was stuffy, had begun to smell of BO, was packed to the point of possibly breaking fire code and the noise level was growing increasingly louder […]


Valapalooza: Fundraiser Idea

Fundraising… the necessary evil of youth ministry. Or at least, it can be seen that way, unless you’ve got some great ideas and annual events that you, and everybody else in your church, look forward to… Valapalooza was one of those events for us. My wife and I planned and hosted this event for almost a […]