Event Planning: What Parents Want You To Know

Most parents experience some apprehension over a church trip at some point. While leaders are instilling excitement into students, parents may be worrying over issues they are wrestling with that may lead to them keeping a student home. While we can’t please every parent, it’s important to keep these parent perspectives in mind when planning […]


#CampMatters Campaign

There is simply no environment quite like camp. Regardless of the setting or season in which the camp program takes place, camp is a catalytic environment for true-life transformation. There are countless stories and testimonies of what God has done, and continues to do at camp that need to be heard. We are excited to […]


Tell Me Something Good…

Each Sunday, in our middle school service, we have our students break up into small groups and tell each other their highs and lows of the week. “Highs” being the awesome things: friends visiting, passing a test, receiving an award — “lows” being the not-so-great pieces of their week: a fight with a sibling, or  an embarrassing fall during a basketball […]