3 Reasons Not to Be Jealous

It occurred to me recently that, in my time as a minister, I have been jealous. Not over cars, or guitars, or kitchen equipment – all things that I would be prone to being jealous over. No. I have been jealous because of all of the big events that take my students away from me […]


Just Playing Games

Yeah, I know. Most people don’t get it. They don’t understand what goes into pouring your heart into a service each week for young people. A night that will be fun, engaging, Spirit-breathed and memorable doesn’t came as easy as some people think. I know what they say. It’s been said to me before, too: “Must […]


Slaying Biblical Illiteracy

“Slaying Biblical Illiteracy”, a new book from our friends at The Youth Cartel, written by Matt Andrews, is one of those books that every NextGen pastor should have on their shelf. I received my copy at our district’s Fall Conference and showed it to our Foursquare General Supervisor, Tammy Dunahoo. She agreed that biblical illiteracy is an important topic […]