Rethinking and Relearning

So the school year recently started. Okay, maybe it started a month (or more) ago, so not so recently. Anyway, I’ve got some teacher friends, and now they come home with all these wonderful stories about their students and about all the things that happen in their classroom. It really got me thinking about how […]


Spooky Stories

Something I noticed some time ago, and have been pondering since, is the phenomenon of ghost stories or spooky stories at our camps and retreats. The kids love it and often camp or retreat volunteers jump in too. It strikes me as inappropriate, considering the venue, but the bible doesn’t say “Though shall not scare […]


Simply Youth Group

If you are looking for a great out-of-the-box experience for your student ministry, Simply Youth Ministry’s SIMPLY YOUTH GROUP (SYG) might be a good fit for you. Think of SYG as a service providing quality, video-enhanced, guided discussions for your weekly programming from the same guys who provide the popular LIVE Curriculum. With more and more […]