Why Do You Social Media?

Why do you use social media? To connect with people? To inform your students and church families about events? As a platform for political discussion? As a tool to fight for social justice? To look at cute kittens? To pass time? To gather information? These are probably the things I see most often on social […]


Shatter the Status Quo

What if every NextGen minister wasn’t just viewed as a place-holder to keep the young people busy and quiet? What if every NextGen minister was taken seriously? What if every NextGen minister took their craft seriously? What if every NextGen minister fought for hope, not only for themselves, but for their flock? What if every […]


The Butterfly Circus

Our President, Glenn Burris, shared the following on Facebook this week: A high school janitor told the 17-year-old student that God was going to use him to speak to multitudes. The young man (though parents of pastors) had only had a personal relationship with Jesus for two years. He had serious doubts that those words […]