Crossing The South Side

This is a special guest post written by Natasha Snelson. Her and her husband have been serving in our student ministry in Laramie, Wyoming, for two years now and they are both “all in” as some of us in the church world say (well, I do anyway). She first shared this analogy to my wife, who passed […]


Less of Our “Last and Leftovers”

Parenting sure isn’t easy but it is rewarding, even through all of the difficulties. One of our children was “caught red-handed” in lying and covering up their tracks this week. There were several tears, both on her end and on ours. We tried to show her how much we loved her and how much it hurt us […]


Design Resource – Canva

Let me just begin by saying that I love graphic design. Posters, cards, announcement slides, emails, anything that requires some sort of graphic — I love to make them. If I were to to ever do something other than ministry, it’d be my first career pick! Well lucky for me with my current position as […]