I Think We Should Say “We” and Not “You”

I used to be a “write your own curriculum” guy. I suppose I still am, but I don’t. And if I had an entire day every week that I could devote to such endeavors, I would still write my own curriculum. But the fact is that I don’t have that kind of time any more. […]


And a Little Child Will Lead Them

I started playing piano when I was little. Like, first grade little. I liked playing but I hated lessons. So, like may 7-year-olds, I quit. Fast forward 17 years. Now I am 24-years-old and have a herniated disk that is keeping me from working and I have a ton of “free” time. It was then […]


Why I Blog

Since the fall of 2010 I have written over 300 posts for Gateway Nextgen and for Foursquare Nextgen. In fact, this will be my 143rd post for Foursquare Nextgen. Over the past few months I haven’t been writing as diligently as I once did due to a form of writers block. Sometimes I sit down and write […]