How to Accept Compliments

Compliments, right?! How did something that should be so simple become such a headache? Not giving them – that’s easy. Everybody has gold inside of them. Just look for it and point it out and you’ve given a compliment. But receiving compliments? Oh. My. Gosh. Becky. Such a headache. Conventional church culture – or at […]


My Jalapeño Plant

About a year ago I planted a little jalapeño seed in a small flower pot in a home-made greenhouse on my front porch. I watered it, and cared for it, and checked on it daily with hope for that little seed to sprout… but nothing happened. For weeks I waited and nothing happened. I was just […]


Meet The Circle

Maybe you’ve heard some stirring about a new device called CIRCLE that helps families take back a little control over the Internet and device usage at home. If not, I would like to stir your interest. I just purchased CIRCLE and started using it in my own home this week. My experience: it’s SO EASY! […]