Stuff You Can Do To Be A Great NextGen Volunteer

I have a list that I keep next to my desk that is titled “Blog Ideas”. On it you’ll find little notes all about things I should perhaps someday write about. Today I was perusing the afore mentioned list and came across “How to be a great NextGen Volunteer”. The keys to being a great […]


Too Lit to Quit

A few weeks ago I was talking to a guy that I had just met about Australia and all the differences between it and the United States. We were introducing ourselves and my accent was blatantly obvious, so he asked where I was from, if I skied (of course), if I’d ever surfed, and all sorts of […]


Communicating with Students, Parents, and Volunteers

Our friends over at The Youth Cartel are releasing a series of NextGen ministry training videos to help our field learn foundational skills. They are starting with this one: “Communication with Students, Parents, and Volunteers” — and we think it’s an important topic to dig into. Whether you are a brand new NextGen pastor or leader, just getting […]