Overscheduled: ‘Tis the Season

In the last week I was the photographer for a Ladies’ Christmas event, attended a church staff Christmas party, led carols for several special Christmas-flavored worship sessions, and hosted a Buddy-the-Elf youth group party. Going into this week I have three more Christmas choir practices, another volunteer-led youth party, a Christmas Eve service, some personal […]


And a Little Child Will Lead Them

I started playing piano when I was little. Like, first grade little. I liked playing but I hated lessons. So, like may 7-year-olds, I quit. Fast forward 17 years. Now I am 24-years-old and have a herniated disk that is keeping me from working and I have a ton of “free” time. It was then […]


Valapalooza: Fundraiser Idea

Fundraising… the necessary evil of youth ministry. Or at least, it can be seen that way, unless you’ve got some great ideas and annual events that you, and everybody else in your church, look forward to… Valapalooza was one of those events for us. My wife and I planned and hosted this event for almost a […]