Media Matters

Many years ago, I remember walking into the bedroom of one of my youth group students and seeing posters proudly displayed of some of what I considered the vilest musicians and media stars of the day. I thought to myself, “How clueless is this parent? Do they even know what their kid is listening to […]


Doing Life with Diddy Kong

I was a bit out of commission yesterday. I had some back issues that had me flat out on the bed for most of the afternoon and evening. Ugh. It wasn’t fun. And my son, Zion, was with me the whole time — in bed, laying on my arm. He loves to be with me […]


Good Mythical Morning

We are ministers. Ministry best happens through relationships, through connections. One of the most solid ways to connect with people is by sharing common interests. I once had an autistic student whose world I just could not break into until one day I sat down with her and asked her what her favorite movie was. We […]