Tunnel Vision

Before I got my official driver’s license, my mom made me take drivers ed. So, after school a few days a week, some lady would pick me up and we would drive around town. I would drive while she would correct my posture, hand position, turning signal timing, and my need to slam on the […]


Things “The Mighty Ducks” Taught Us About Youth Ministry – Part 2

This is part 2 in a series where I discuss some things I learned while watching the movie “The Mighty Ducks”. Feel free to catch up by reading part 1 HERE. I grew up in Wyoming so I don’t know much about hockey. I believe that my half-Canadian-kids need to experience their heritage somehow, so […]


Stained Glass Game

Introduce your students and leaders to a fun new app that tells the Gospel story in a new and refreshing way. Go to the official game website to find out more and download the app (available for Apple IOS or Android devices).