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Common Sense Media for Parents

Common Sense is the “leading independent nonprofit advocating for kids”. Their purpose is to provide thorough and helpful reviews of today’s most popular media, including movies, TV, books, web sites, games, and even smart phone apps. As a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization, they offer parents and educators information and tools, as well as an independent forum, so […]

The Christian Movie Establishment vs. Blue Like Jazz

Many of us read Donald Miller’s book “Blue Like Jazz”. It was thought provoking, if not a bit edgy, and yet it became a really popular book in the Christian community — passed around by many in ministry as a “must read.” Now, several years later, Steve Taylor, a prophetic, if not a bit edgy, […]

Parents and Media Guidelines

Watch the video below of Jonathan McKee — from The Source for Youth Ministry — and his 13-year-old, Ashley, each share about the struggle parents face today setting realistic media guidelines. You might get up out of your seat and shout “GLORY!” when you hear Ashley sharing. This would be a great communication piece to share […]