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Lessons from the Dancing Guy

There’s been a lot of talk this week at Connection 2012 about Foursquare being a movement — or, as President Burris says it, an armada — versus just an institution. I love that language. I love what it insinuates. As I was sitting down for lunch with some of our Gateway NextGen leaders, we were […]

NextGen Strategy

I was about to get “all charismatic” and get up and SHOUT as Tammy Dunahoo was re-sharing, in this morning’s general session, what she had already shared with our national NextGen team earlier in the week. I’m so thankful for her prophetic vision and leadership… I listed the new NextGen initiatives here. The NextGen national team […]

New Direction

This week, I am in Phoenix, AZ, for the International Foursquare Convention called Connection 2012. For the last couple of days, I’ve had the pleasure of spending most of my time with my peers in the national NextGen team… Yup. They are pretty much awesome! We started our time yesterday enjoying breakfast with Tammy Dunahoo, […]

Privileged to Pray

As part of an annual effort to encourage and support high school graduates, Destiny Foursquare hosts an evening “Honoring Our Grads” service. We simply invite the students to come, have some staff pray over them prophetically, and then meet for root beer floats afterwards. It’s a great time! As the previous pastor-to-students at Destiny, Deanna […]

As You Make Disciples…

Read this challenging excerpt from the YS360 blog this morning… Andy Blanks says… “I would really challenge you to think about [these things] for a moment.” Does it seem like we’re guilty at times of living our lives as “followers” vicariously through our students? Do we want to see a fire burning in them because ours […]

Vision of the Storm

This post was pulled from our National NextGen Director, Kelly Fellow’s, blog… In the summer of 2011 the Holy Spirit gave me a picture of this generation. The scene was a sandy beach facing west toward the Pacific Ocean. The beach was packed with people all under the age of 25. From babies through young adults. They […]

Not Just A Confusing Name

Remember the days when music came in little rectangular boxes for about $10 each? Remember when you needed to keep a pencil on hand just in case of audible entertainment/cassette tape emergencies? Fast forward a few years… Remember getting those space age frisbees? Remember the days of the CD. Those things sucked! Right? Back in […]