Archive / June, 2012

Brave: Teachable Moments

It’s fun, especially in the summer blockbuster months, to focus an evening or an event around a popular movie. A fun one to think about using the next couple weeks is Brave… WingClips is offering several clips from the movie now for free! View them here. The Source for Youth Ministry is offering a free movie […]

The Paperwork Side of Ministry

So, I come into the office today with plans of getting work done. Writing emails, calling people, planning for camp, etc… I walk into the office and hear the voices of Bea (the church secretary) and an unknown male. Now, hearing a male voice that isn’t my own in the morning at Destiny is pretty […]

Baptism By Fire

At the recent International Foursquare Connection in Phoenix, Daniel A. Brown, Ph.D., founder of “The Coastlands”, a Foursquare church in Aptos, California, and “Commended to the Word”, spoke a prophetic word over multiple generations of Foursquare leaders, calling on each person to offer himself or herself to be fully used by God to reach the […]

The Making of a Dad

On Father’s Day Eve I’m reflecting on my dad-hood. 20 years ago I was blessed with the first of three incredible kids. What a ride! Like many families, we’ve experienced heart-wrenching twists and turns in our collective story, yet maintain more parental pride than should be allowed. I’m also reflecting on a single chapter in […]

Frustrating Students

This week we canceled all of our normal youth activities so that we could all volunteer in the city-wide VBS that our town holds each year. You can read a post I wrote from last year’s VBS HERE. This past Wednesday, since we didn’t have any services, and since I have about 15 of my students […]