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Gripped Student Message Series

For a lot of teenagers in our culture, the month of October is all about fear and their infatuation with it. So as we’re starting the series — “Don’t Buy the Lie” — about discerning the truth behind the supernatural thrillers, I thought that this series from might be a good fit for some of […]

You’re Doing It Wrong

HOW <NOT> TO BE A NEXTGEN PASTOR/LEADER: Never grow up. Responsibility? Safety? Schedules? Communication? Respect? Rules? Pranking? If your goal is to try to be like one of the teenagers, I’d be concerned about the health of your group for a variety of reasons. Make sure that your self worth and security is based on […]

Don’t Buy the Lie

Over the years, I’ve appreciated Mark Matlock’s “Wisdom On” series of books. He’s got a gift for making truth plain and relevant for the next generation. Going into October, I wanted to highlight some excerpts from his Invert book, “Don’t Buy the Lie”, a book written to students about the supernatural — what the Bible […]

The Homecoming Dance

As a father of four beautiful girls, sometimes I feel like I want to lock them up in a tower a la Rapunzel and throw away the key – only allowing outside access to the world under my terms. I know that I can’t do that and to do so would be foolish. Just like […]