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PHARAOH: Dre Murray (featuring Tragic Hero)

People are convinced that their lives can be “the greatest story ever told,” so they spend it chasing everything they can, trying to “get it ’til it’s gone.” Dre Murray explores the real meaning behind this in “Pharaoh”. ITUNES EXCLUSIVE OUT NOW

Running on Empty

It stinks when there’s just “not enough time in the day”. Or how about that “busy season” you’re working your way through? It’s gonna end soon, right? And then there’s that “really important” trip or meeting that you’ve spent countless hours on this past month.  These are all lies that keep you trapped in an […]

The Love Triangle

One day some punk church guy came up to Jesus, hoping to catch Him off guard and prove Him an inferior teacher with this question: “Of the ten commandments, which is the most important?” Jesus, being the almighty God in human form was prepared for this man’s nincompoopery and replied with this statement, “Love God […]