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What Does the Fox Say?

Have you seen it? Youtube has been burning up with Norwegian artist Ylvis’ hit “The Fox”. It’s quirky and laugh-out-loud funny — well… if you like that kind of humor. And it’s catchy. Maybe TOO catchy. Think of it as the new “Gangnam Style” a la PSY. A big thanks to Youth Leader Stash for sharing […]

Love for the LGBT Community: Stephanie Singer

When I walked away from the church into the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community, it was because I felt like they offered a more appealing, better-tasting, longer-lasting love. At church, I couldn’t wrestle with my sexual identity because of the shame and fear of rejection. But the LGBT community offered something different. They never […]

A Letter From Fred

I love to find media that moves people when I’m teaching or preaching. If I can get you to laugh or cry or be moved in some way emotionally, there’s a better chance that you’ll remember what I’m trying to communicate. This 10-minute video, “A Letter From Fred”, would be a great video to share to […]

The NextGen Leader’s Opus

Have you ever seen the movie, “Mr. Holland’s Opus”? I had forgotten about it until just recently when I ran across a clip online. Here’s a scene where, Mr. Holland, a high school music teacher with big dreams, helps a student struggling to play the clarinet… And the emotional and moving final scene… My favorite […]

Best Practices in Activating Young People Around Causes They Care About

Marah Lidey is the Digital Engagement Manager for, the largest organization for teens and social change – with one of the largest SMS subscriber lists in the non-profit industry. Marah and the Digital Engagement team are responsible for understanding how young people (ages 13-25) think and for creating effective digital strategy, content and data analysis to […]

Free eBook for Answering Tough Teen Questions

This is a FREE resource you can pass on to parents, use for yourself as a topical study guide or even as a base for student ministry message content. The story behind it: Senior pastor, Roland Boyce, started writing a book on topics and tough questions he wish he could have had a resource for […]