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ReMoved: Working With a Displaced Generation

Gather those who serve in ministry with you, and (with a Costco size box of Kleenex) take 12-minutes to watch this short film. Follow up questions to ask each other: De we know the stories of the students we’re serving? Do we tend to respond in frustration or in mercy when students act out? What […]

Raising Mission-Ready Students

When people say good things about us, especially people we respect, their words tend to stick with us forever. These positive verbal images become part of how we view ourselves. Imagine how Timothy felt when his mentor, Paul, wrote to a church about him. Timothy was just a young leader when Paul stuck a “letter […]

A Letter To Students From Your Senior Pastor

I kind of shrugged this off when I first saw this resource shared on a recent Simply Youth Ministry email. The idea of a template for a letter written from a senior pastor to your youth group sounded pretty trite, un-authentic, and super canned. Then I read it… WHOAH. I was won over. I bet […]