5 Ways to Really Liven Up Your Youth Events

Today I want to keep it simple. Here are 5 ideas you can implement to make your youth event amazing.


Don’t just sing about – hearts, souls, passions – burning. Actually set some stuff on fire! It will not only be visually appealing, and memorable, it will also heat the church. Let’s be realistic here, with the winter we’re having, I can’t think of a church council that wouldn’t be in favor of an event that brings the church heating bill down a bit.


Put away those plastic toys and get your hands on some military-grade laser guns. No sacrifice, no victory! It’s a memorable event and a sermon illustration smashed into a brightly wrapped package of energy. You’re welcome!

In-Door Trampoline Park.

Nothing says Blues Brothers church like a trampoline park in the sanctuary. We are Foursquare, we are Pentecostal. Get on it!

Extreme Lightning.

My group loves to play Lightning (AKA, KnockOut, BumpOut, Bump, etc.). You can really ramp up a game of Lightning while playing basketball, outside, during a level 4 thunderstorm.

“There’s a tree blowing across the court!!!”
“There sure is! And you’re out! HA!!!”

72-Hour Lock-In

Have a long weekend coming up? Great! Take the classic Lock-In idea and multiply it for maximum awesomeness. 72 hours of no sleep, junk food, and exhausted teens. As Paul Hogan would say, “That’s not a lock-in, THIS is a Lock-In!”

Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment’s section. Seriously! We’re all in this together.