Foursquare NextGen is a generational department of The Foursquare Church. NextGen is defined as those ages ranging from “cradle to college”. This website is specifically designed to serve pastors and leaders who serve the next generation. It is our function to “engage, equip and inspire the head, hands and heart” of the NextGen leader.



1) Empower churches to disciple NextGen students from birth to young adults

Taking the whole Gospel to the whole world. This generation is destined to do great things!

2) Identify callings: intentionally helping each one develop their mission and purpose

If we assist NextGen students in identify their calling now, when they are adults, they won’t be spiritually frustrated.

3) Network churches by providing clear pathways to connect NextGen to training

Raising the bar in training for real world ministry. It’s our job to help define clear pathways for students to find spiritual growth and ministry training.

Our NextGen ministry not only resources leaders to reach the younger generation but also intentionally identifies rising leaders. We actively seek to ensure younger leaders are among our mix of Foursquare ministers.

Each district has a NextGen point person to ensure that pastors serving kids from “cradle to college” are receiving resources and training. Opportunities for camps are also provided.

Foursquare NextGen Rep, Kimberly Dirmann, helps to network NextGen representatives from each of the districts.

For more information on serving young people in your church and community, contact your local district NextGen representative (DNR).


Check out these great resources to help equip your NextGen staff and volunteers:

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