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Shatter the Status Quo

What if every NextGen minister wasn’t just viewed as a place-holder to keep the young people busy and quiet? What if every NextGen minister was taken seriously? What if every NextGen minister took their craft seriously? What if every NextGen minister fought for hope, not only for themselves, but for their flock? What if every […]

A Story About A Bug… Kinda

It’s October in South Dakota. October in South Dakota is pretty much like you might expect South Dakotan life to be. The only real differences between September and October here are that the weather is a little cooler, pumpkins are available in the stores and boxelder bugs are out in full force. A few minutes ago, one such Boxelder […]

I’m Not A Babysitter

This past Wednesday I shared a little bit of information with my students about my job and calling. I share it with you today to hopefully help you to further define your calling as a NextGen minister. These are the words I shared as best as I can remember them… I am not a babysitter. I […]