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You Have Students Who Are Called To Ministry

what’s next for them?

We are called to be disciples. We are called to be influencers. Foursquare NextGen is here to help you and your students pursue a deeper relationship with God and connect you with real-life training for ministry and discipleship.


Emerging Leader Network


ELN is a network of schools of ministry for for college-age students. These diverse programs, based in Foursquare churches all around the country have joined together to create transformational opportunities for young leaders. Each ELN program is based on a model of full-time, immersive training, designed to take students who are passionate about Jesus and the world, and help them become mission-ready disciples.

In an ELN school of ministry, students are engaged in 24-7 “immersion discipleship.” The military uses immersive training as well — it’s called boot camp — and it’s how they make soldiers out of civilians in a short, intense period of time. It’s also how Jesus prepared his disciples, taking a group of ordinary guys and developing them into world changers in a few, transformational years.

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Ignite Academy


The Ignite Academy is a discipleship, education and ministry training program to prepare, in a collegiate atmosphere, graduated high school students toward their life-mission of serving Christ, knowing His Word and walking in His Spirit.  Ignite offers accredited transferable college courses as an extension campus of LIFE Pacific College, global mission trip experiences, local church service and community outreach involvement, while learning to live, work and grow in a community of future leaders.

Ignite consists of four separate 3.5 month semesters, each offering college courses with a value of three units each. There is the potential to earn up to 64 total units toward the completion of an AA degree in general studies.

In addition to the academic calendar, students serve 10-to-15 hours a week in the local community, in local churches and various outreach ministries.  During fall semester, Ignite students will travel for an extended period on urban mission team(s) on the east Coast.  Following the spring semester, students will travel to one of multiple global mission stations for 18+ days of outreach and mission service.  Students gain ministry formation experience through outreach, local church involvement, and the mission trips. Community is built by living, working, and growing together as a team. Students receive practical, hands-on leadership development and guided mentoring throughout each semester.

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Life Pacific College


Life Pacific College firmly believes that a biblically centered-education will prepare students for successful careers, fulfilled dreams and effective ministry.

Their accredited academics will ensure that every single one of their students will be stretched outside of the confines of their own knowledge, will be urged to live at a higher standard as a believer in Christ and will graduate with a degree that will make them unstoppable. Located in sunny Southern California, campus life will provide a rich-learning environment where you will develop character, make life-long friends and grow together.

Life has so much to offer students: undergraduate programs, a graduate program, degree completion programs, and partnerships with ELN and Foursquare Institutes.

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If you have any questions, be sure to contact us. We would love to help you find your pathway to ministry training and education.