Go Deep

I had a dream last night.


My youth group had joined up with another youth organization for an event.

Let me tell you what. This youth organization had their stuff together. Their look was sharp. Their stage was sharp. They had lighting and a worship team that was just perfect. They were welcoming to newcomers and to my group. They had games and snacks and treats and everything you could possibly imagine.

But their message… their teaching was shallow.

After the event, the youth organization asked us to join them permanently. My heart was troubled because this group could do youth meetings better than I ever could. They had volunteers. They had money.

It was then that my students came to me and said, “Derick, this was fun, and we’d like to visit again, but we need to go deeper.”

So I turned down the youth organization, because it doesn’t matter how many lights you have, how great the venue is, or how much money you can throw at a kid. If you only take them ankle deep into God, they will only ever go ankle deep. Shouldn’t we strive for more?

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