Jesus Christ: Fully God, Fully Man, Fully Bro

Ideas for blog posts come from all over the place. Sometimes they come from current events or from things I’ve recently dealt with. Sometimes there’s a story that I really want to tell. And sometimes I just wake up to a beautiful day and God plants a phrase in my head. That’s what happened this morning. My eyes hadn’t even opened yet and this phrase materialized in my mind:

Jesus Christ: Fully God, Fully Man, Fully Bro.

I love this phrase because, honestly, it’s pretty fun. But more importantly, it is true. The book of Hebrews tells us that Jesus was made fully man so that He could fully sympathize and fully represent us — as our High Priest — in Heaven.

I think we like to spend a lot of time talking about how Jesus was fully God. I think we like to think of Jesus as fully “Man”. But we don’t really give Him human characteristics when we visualize that.

We think of Jesus “the Man”, not “a man”. We think of Him as a perfect person. Then we use our personal definition of “perfect” to define Him. In doing so, I believe we remove some of His humanity because our definition of “perfect” is flawed. Let’s see if we can expand or deepen our understanding of what “fully man” might mean.

Consider this: Jesus had to have been the perfect Bro. He was “The Bro”. The Bro to end all Bro’s. The Bro we should all aspire to become — keeping in mind that “Bro”, for our purposes here, is a non-gender specific term. Think about it. His ragtag group of very imperfect men loved Him. The masses adored Him. People were driven to spend as much time with Him as they possibly could. This doesn’t happen with a guy that is “perfect”. This happens with a Bro! Nobody want’s to spend time with “perfect” people. We want to spend time with people that are fun to be around. Jesus HAD to be that kind of guy. He had to have been a Bro.

I’m not trying to say that Jesus wasn’t a great man. Nor am I trying to tarnish His Deity. I’m saying He was all of these things. I think that our Jesus is more complex than we are willing to entertain. I don’t know about the students that you minister to, but my kids need to know that their Jesus isn’t the kind of guy they should be uncomfortable around. They need to know that He is fully accessible and totally chill. They need to know that He has the Power of God, the Wisdom of a good, perfect man, and the accessibility of a Bro.


How do you communicate Jesus’ relatability to your students? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment’s section. Seriously! We’re all in this together.