Meet Your District NextGen Reps

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Kimberly Dirman – National NextGen Representative

Phone: (714) 985.9925 (office)

Northwest District

NextGen Website:

Areas Covered: Washington and Northern Idaho

District NextGen Rep: Gabe Barreiro – visit website for regional team

Gabe Barreiro leads a generational ministries team. With their combined efforts and creativity, they help to serve and resource district leaders in kids, junior high, senior high and college ministries.

Gabe is a graduate of New Hope Christian College (formerly Eugene Bible College) with a BS in Pastoral Ministry / Youth Ministry emphasis. He was a youth pastor for 12 years. He is currently in the MA Global Leadership program at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Phone: (253) 284-1674
Twitter: @gabebarreiro

North Pacific District

NextGen Website:

Areas Covered: Oregon, Southwest Washington and Alaska

District NextGen Rep: *in transition

Phone: (503) 594-1414 (district office)

Southwest District

NextGen Website:

Areas Covered: Arizona and parts of Southern California, Nevada and Utah

District NextGen Rep: Kelly Fellows

There are three things Kelly is passionate about: First, Jesus Christ; second, his family; and third, the next generation. Kelly has an insatiable desire to see the next generation embrace God’s ways. He believes that restoring biblical families, with God’s word at the center of all activities, is key to seeing children and youth walk out their God-ordained callings.

Kelly is a graduate of Azusa Pacific University. He has served 12 years as a local church youth pastor, five years as a senior pastor, and recently completed a four-year term as National NextGen Minister for the Foursquare Church. Kelly speaks regularly on parenting and family matters for “Homeword: A Center for Youth and Family.”

Phone: (714) 985-9925
Twitter: @kellyfellows

Distrito Hispano del Suroeste

NextGen Website:

Areas Covered: California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah

District NextGen Rep: Juan Carlos “JC” Vallejo

Juan Carlos is currently in the process of discovering how he can best contribute to the world and the kingdom of God. He had the experience of growing up in multiple cities throughout Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties in Southern California, and as a part of a Foursquare missionary family in Bolivia, El Salvador, and Paraguay. Juan Carlos has served as a worship director and as a youth and young adult pastor. In 2014, he graduated from Life Pacific College with his B.A. in Biblical Studies. JC loves football (soccer), food, freshly roasted coffee ground at the right size for the intended brew method at the right temperature with the correct ratios of water to coffee… and above all is passionate about learning and studying effective communication to share the message of Jesus, loud and clear. He lives in Temple City, CA, with his wife, Hailey, and their pet betta fish, Spiderman.

Phone: (818) 338.0757 (district office)
Twitter: @jcvallejo_

Southern California District

NextGen Website:

Areas Covered: Southern California

District NextGen Rep: Ashton Fish

Ashton Fish grew up as a pastor’s son in the Mojave Desert, CA. At the age of twelve, he completely surrendered his life to Jesus Christ at a youth summer camp at Cedar Crest. By the age of eighteen, he was a worship pastor and youth pastor. When Ashton was nineteen-years-old, he was appointed as the High Desert Districts Youth Coordinator and youth pastor at the Highlands Christian Fellowship in Palmdale, CA. He then directed camps and served under the Pacific Coast and Valleys District as a volunteer. Now Ashton is twenty-five-years-old and on his way to His Biblical Studies and Leadership degree at LIFE Pacific College and is the youth pastor for Lighthouse Church in Ventura, CA. Ashton also serves as the NextGen Director for the Pacific Coast and Valleys District where he serves and assists over 130 churches.

Phone: (805) 498-16000
Twitter: @ashton_fish

Central Pacific District

NextGen Websites:,, and

Areas Covered: Northern California, Nevada and Utah

District NextGen Rep: Chris White

Chris is a husband to his wonderful wife, Vanessa, and a proud father of Josiah and Noel. He serves as the Central Pacific District NextGen Rep. Chris has served in ministry since 1999 in many different capacities, from children’s and youth through college, as well as camp ministry. He began at Valley Christian Center in Fresno, where he completed the School of Leadership Development (SOLD program) through Life Pacific College. He has a heart to serve God and His children, no matter the age. Chris has also had the privilege to speak around the west coast at many camps and to many denominations. Chris asked Jesus into his life at camp when he was 17-years-old. He loves camps and has a passion to see all generations come to know Jesus.

Phone: (775) 230.1360 (cell)
Twitter: @chriswhiteis

Hawaii District

Areas Covered: Hawaii

District NextGen Rep: *in transition

Phone: (808) 783.2606 (district office)

Gateway District

NextGen Websites:,,

Areas Covered: Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri and Eastern Wyoming

District NextGen Rep: Shawn M. Shoup

Shawn is a husband to Deanna and father of seven. He loves playing with new technology and is very much at home on the web 2.0 playground. He is a worship leader, musician and singer/song-writer, playing on stage and in many venues since junior high school. He has been actively involved in NextGen ministry since the year 2000, a graduate of Christ for the Nation Institute’s Advanced School of Youth Ministry. He has been in the NextGen role for the Gateway District since fall of 2010.

Phone: (605) 209-1105 (cell)
Twitter: @ShawnMichael

Heartland District

NextGen Website:

Areas Covered: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa

District NextGen Rep: Chad Garrison

Chad has served in ministry since 2001 as a multimedia director, youth pastor, senior pastor and currently serves as the NextGen Coordinator for the Heartland District. Husband of Lindsay, and father of 3, he currently resides in Indianapolis, IN, and serves as Lead Pastor to Illuminate Church in addition to the Heartland District. Chad loves Jesus, family, sports (football & basketball in particular), discipleship and all things geek.

Phone: (563) 424-5515
Twitter: @ChadIGarrison

Northeast Atlantic District

Areas Covered: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Kentucky

District NextGen Rep: Lesli Klingenmeier

Lesli has been serving in NextGen Ministry since 1997 after making a radical life and career change from Occupational Therapist to children’s pastor! Lesli has a passion for NextGen Discipleship with a strong emphasis on building strong foundations in kids that continues through young adults. Lesli especially enjoys training children’s ministry leaders, directing NextGen camps, and encouraging and resourcing NextGen leaders. Lesli has been on a variety of missions trips in the states and abroad, training children’s leaders and coordinating children’s community outreaches. Lesli’s favorite season is summer, where you can find her either on the golf course, coaching a youth softball team, or enjoying time with her family.

Phone: (440) 985.2020
Twitter: @leslikling

Southeast District

Areas Covered: North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Florida

District NextGen Rep: Matt Fabin

Matt grew up in Western Pennsylvania and, besides the Lord, his family, and the next generation, the Steelers hold a top spot in his heart. He graduated from Grove City College and has been serving in youth and NextGen ministries for the past 11 years. He now lives in Charlotte, NC, with his amazing, talented, beautiful wife, Shannon, and two boys, Jack and Brady. Matt loves all sports, but especially basketball, golf, and football. He is passionate about seeing young men and women discover their calling and identity in Christ, and developing young leaders. Titleist ProV1x golf balls, in case you were asking.

Phone: (704) 412-5900

MidSouth District

NextGen Website:

Areas Covered: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico

District NextGen Rep: Jeff Pruett