My Jalapeño Plant

About a year ago I planted a little jalapeño seed in a small flower pot in a home-made greenhouse on my front porch. I watered it, and cared for it, and checked on it daily with hope for that little seed to sprout… but nothing happened.

For weeks I waited and nothing happened. I was just ready to give up when a tiny little sprout broke through the dirt. My hope exploded back to life as I dreamed of a plant that would produce fresh fire fruit for my enjoyment. But the little seedling just stayed the same. For weeks upon weeks there was minimal growth, but my little plant was healthy. It was strong. So I kept watering it. Kept tending to it. Kept hoping for it.

While I passed the days hoping for my little jalapeño plant, summer came and went. Soon it was October. The other plants had grown, produced, and withered away. The garden had been cleaned and locked away for the winter. Even the pumpkins were cut and brought inside to avoid the coming frost. And my little jalapeño plant was still in it’s little flower pot, still not big enough to produce anything more than wasted hope. I spent a fair amount of time arguing with myself about whether I should throw my plant away and start again next year. Or… keep trying. I couldn’t keep it in my house because my cat – Spot – is notorious for eating plants. So in the end, I transplanted my little jalapeño plant into a prettier more manly flower pot and brought it to my office.

October passed… and November. Something special started to happen. In the midst of the South Dakota autumn cold, my jalapeño plant started to grow. It started to produce. All through the winter it continued to grow stronger. Each week there were new flowers – new jalapeños growing. Through January, February, March… It is still growing and still producing, with no signs of slowing down.

What have I learned from this?

Sometimes seeds don’t grow when we want them to.

Sometimes fruit grows out of season.

Hope that seems wasted can be a solid investment that will prove itself in time.


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