Slaying Biblical Illiteracy


“Slaying Biblical Illiteracy”, a new book from our friends at The Youth Cartel, written by Matt Andrews, is one of those books that every NextGen pastor should have on their shelf.

I received my copy at our district’s Fall Conference and showed it to our Foursquare General Supervisor, Tammy Dunahoo. She agreed that biblical illiteracy is an important topic today and a book that heightens the awareness of  NextGen pastors on the subject  is greatly needed. She believes that since many churches have largely made the transition from weekly bible training (formerly known as Sunday School or Christian Education), there is a growing number of young people who do not know the Scripture and it’s value in their daily lives.

True enough, from my own personal experiences.

I have found that even some of the most committed teens in church youth programs will, many times, have little to no knowledge of foundational Scriptures and biblical stories and script. Try inserting some Bible trivia into this week’s up-front challenge at youth group and see how your kids do.

Enter “Slaying Biblical Illiteracy”. It’s a short, easy to read, and enjoyable book that you can whip through in a week’s time. Matt’s humor and good-natured jabs at current church culture come out in the writing. His real-life stories of youth group experiences were hilarious and, at the same time, somewhat familiar.

I know Matt personally, and have visited his youth group and attended summer camps alongside his group several times. He’s a good friend, but please, don’t let that keep you from accepting my glowing review of his book. It really is that good! I mention it because one thing I know from my time spent with Matt and his ministry is that teens love him! Even when he’s teaching them about scripture.

True story: I know a little bit of the backstory to how this book came to be written. One of our district camp directors asked Matt to lead morning breakout sessions with a theme of being rooted in God’s Word. Matt took those breakouts as an opportunity to really get our teens digging into scripture. I mean digesting whole passages, thinking through what they read, and sharing their findings. It was pretty incredible to witness.

Shortly after, Matt was invited to speak at the Youth Cartel’s OPEN event in Denver. Long story short: he got in, The Cartel loved his talk and asked him to write a book. VOILA!

Not only is the book easy to read but it is incredibly practical. You’ll have several field-tested ideas to start with immediately, along with the backstories and ideas in how to integrate them into your ministry. I loved the book for all of these reasons. But don’t take my word for it, request a sample chapter from The Youth Cartel here.