The Squad Movement and Resource

SQAUD is a book written to fulfill a need to remind a new generation of who Jesus is and the four foundations that make us The Foursquare Church. In a world that is getting more confusing and complex, these four foundations remind us of the simple, yet profound, transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The goal of this book is to be a resource and reminder that, today, Jesus Christ is still saving, baptizing with the Holy Spirit, healing and providing us with the great hope of His return. SQUAD was co-authored by Ashton Fish, Cheyne Jackson, Fernando Morales and Jennifer Thigpenn.

SQAUD is not just a book, but a movement. It was written to empower NextGen leaders and students to reach their friends through relational discipleship at school and in their communities. We have 5 SQUAD goals based off of Dave Ferguson’s, author and co-founder of Exponential, BLESS model. The five SQUAD goals are the following:

  • Begin with prayer
  • Listen
  • Eat together
  • Serve
  • Share your story.

These five tangible goals help students realize that they can live out their faith daily and simply reach their friends at school.

A few of the things I love most about our Foursquare movement is that we are committed to missions and interdenominational ministry. We are our best when we are bringing the gospel to our world and when we are inclusive to all who want to know Jesus more. As you know, youth groups are sadly shrinking across the US and young adult groups are scarce. I believe that the SQUAD movement is an answer to this problem.

We are no longer waiting for students to come to church, we are bringing the church to our students. Every chapter has a video from the author that is meant to spark interest and for the student to go deeper into the foundations of the gospel. The book and videos are available to download for free at You can purchase a hardcopy of the book for a suggested donation of $1. SQUAD can be used for a youth group teaching curriculum, school or community small groups, and as an evangelistic tool. Please take advantage of this valuable resource and share it with your NextGen leaders.

SQUAD is published and printed by Foursquare Missions Press. SQUAD videos were produced by SWITCH Studies in Los Angeles.

Written by: Ashton Fish, SoCal NextGen Rep