Stuff You Can Do To Be A Great NextGen Volunteer

I have a list that I keep next to my desk that is titled “Blog Ideas”. On it you’ll find little notes all about things I should perhaps someday write about. Today I was perusing the afore mentioned list and came across “How to be a great NextGen Volunteer”. The keys to being a great NextGen volunteer are pretty simple, but someone needs to write this stuff down for posterity. So I guess I’ll do it.

1. Volunteer for stuff.

Don’t expect the group leader to always ask you to help. I would often rather do a job myself than bother others. However, if I have someone come and tell me, “Hey, I’m here. I want to help. Let me know what I can do.” I am much more likely to delegate.

2. Be on time for stuff.

On time = Late. 10+ minutes early = on time.

3. Be interested in the stuff you volunteer for.

Nothing dampens the atmosphere of a NextGen group meeting more than when the people running the ministry are bubbling with apathy. Don’t be that leader.

4. Share the stuff you like.

You want to connect with people? Share the things you are passionate about. Be involved. In the past 24 hours I have spent time talking/planning/working on projects with four separate students. Two of them about fixing/rebuilding computers and the other two about auto mechanics. These are great “ins” to a kids life, but the leaders of the group can’t be fully connected with everybody. A great volunteer will connect with kids who they share similar interests with.

5. Care about the stuff your kids care about.

When a student tells you about something that they’re dealing with, do your best to follow up on that issue the next time you see them. This builds relationships, shows that you care, and might give you the opportunity to help them.

That’s it. Some simple, every-day stuff you can do to be a great youth volunteer.


What would you say are some basic MUST DO’s to be a great youth volunteer? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment’s section. Seriously! We’re all in this together.