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The Squad Movement and Resource

SQAUD is a book written to fulfill a need to remind a new generation of who Jesus is and the four foundations that make us The Foursquare Church. In a world that is getting more confusing and complex, these four foundations remind us of the simple, yet profound, transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. […]

Why Nobody Wants To Go To Church Anymore

I think this is something important for NextGen leaders to be considering… not only are students leaving the church in droves, but church buildings “as a whole” are becoming empty and irrelevant in our towns and communities all over America. Europe has already been labeled a post-Christian culture and from the looks of it, America […]

Helping Parents Connect with Mission Trips

We love sharing free resources that we think will be useful in your ministries. In Helping Parents Connect, Doug Franklin outlines how parents can be involved in their students’ mission trips before, during, and after the trip. This tool is designed to help parents grow with their kids through their missions experience. What a great download […]

Adam Bradley and The Adventures of a Stay-At-Home Dad

I want to introduce you to a young leader in the Gateway District that is doing lots of cool things. His name is Adam Bradley… You can find out all about his ministry and crafts at adamfusion.com. He’s an all-around gifted guy. I met Adam briefly last fall as I was traveling through the district. We met […]

What Matters Most

After spending a week in conversation with NextGen leaders at the Simply Youth MInistry Conference and also having the opportunity to speak to so many prospective ministry leaders at Life Pacific College this week, I’ve been reminded many times over of a great little book that I can’t recommend enough called, “What Matters Most.” It was […]

A Gentle Whisper

A friend and NextGen Rep leader from our Foursquare family, Joshua Pinkston, just released a book — his first — over at Amazon. We’ve read only snippets of it so far, but can already highly recommend it to you solely based on the fruit of his ministry and friendship. We really look forward to digging […]

Purity Code

It’s the month of LOVE. And it’s a great time to talk with students about relationships and purity. In 2008, Dr. Jim Burns released a book for teens entitled “The Purity Code: God’s Plan for Sex and Your Body.” The intent is for parents and youth leaders to read the book along with students. The […]

A Different Kind of Zombie

This is part 5, the last in the “Don’t Buy the Lie” series of posts on the supernatural… view the series introduction here. Read part two, “Lies from the Dark Side,” here. Part three, “Psychics and our Emotions”, here. And part four, “Ghosts, Spirits and Reincarnation”, here. Since the Garden of Eden, there has been a problem. Sin separates us from […]