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Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 3:8 This is truth. Unbending, unchanging, unrelenting truth. Our understanding of Jesus Christ is in constant flux; always shifting and ever growing. Are we willing to admit our past blindness as we move into new revelation of Christ’s love for us? Are we teaching our […]

Love for the LGBT Community: Stephanie Singer

When I walked away from the church into the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community, it was because I felt like they offered a more appealing, better-tasting, longer-lasting love. At church, I couldn’t wrestle with my sexual identity because of the shame and fear of rejection. But the LGBT community offered something different. They never […]

21-Day Challenge from YouVersion

We’re big fans of YouVersion’s Bible apps and web site. They offer many great tools to get students and leaders engaged with God’s Word and all for free. That’s why we’re excited to announce their 21-Day Challenge that starts today! From their site… If you’ve never read your Bible consistently before, it can be hard […]

Cheering on Students With Disability

Watch what the crowd at Fenway Park does when — during Disability Awareness Day — a student is singing the National Anthem and gets nervous… Wow. If you have students with disabilities or who are challenged mentally or physically in some way, how do your students and leaders cheer them on? [ht YouthCartel]