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Church Budgets and the Family

Youth ministry blogger Tim Schmoyer wrote on studentministry.org this week, It’s been said that if you want to see where someone’s true values lie, take a look at their checkbook. I’m thankful that churches are taking family ministry more and more seriously, but I think the same principle can apply… What percentage of your church’s […]

Why Nobody Wants To Go To Church Anymore

I think this is something important for NextGen leaders to be considering… not only are students leaving the church in droves, but church buildings “as a whole” are becoming empty and irrelevant in our towns and communities all over America. Europe has already been labeled a post-Christian culture and from the looks of it, America […]

Love for the LGBT Community: Stephanie Singer

When I walked away from the church into the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community, it was because I felt like they offered a more appealing, better-tasting, longer-lasting love. At church, I couldn’t wrestle with my sexual identity because of the shame and fear of rejection. But the LGBT community offered something different. They never […]

Marketing IS Ministry

I’ve never understood why so many churches don’t take marketing a little more seriously. I guess it’s probably the melancholy side of me. I’ve always like things to look polished. Clean. Professional. And I’m not a graphics designer in any sense, but I am a wanna-be. I try to do the best with the tools […]