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Communicating with Students, Parents, and Volunteers

Our friends over at The Youth Cartel are releasing a series of NextGen ministry training videos to help our field learn foundational skills. They are starting with this one: “Communication with Students, Parents, and Volunteers” — and we think it’s an important topic to dig into. Whether you are a brand new NextGen pastor or leader, just getting […]

Am I Speaking Their Language?

I love good comedians.  Brian Regan is one of my favorites.  Listen to his joke about the popular PBS show Nova… “I’ve been watching Nova…They had a thing a couple weeks ago about string theory.  I started watching that at 8 PM, and at 8:03, my brain exploded!” We’ve all been there.  We’ve all been […]

YS Group TXT Tool

The easiest way to connect with your students, staff, and families. It’s one more way that we’re trying to make your job a little easier. We know your students are basically connected to their cell phones. We also know that it’s sometimes hard to get their attention, especially with so much going on in their […]

Connect Cards

Lest you forget: I’m a local youth pastor, too, and I regularly use resources and ideas from this site. Derick wrote a great reminder a couple weeks ago titled, 3 Ways You Can Use Paper to Connect. Remember that one? I’m new in my current position and am just getting all my communication tools in order. […]

Communication Tips and Tricks

There were three really good articles on communication this week from the Simply Youth Ministry Today email list. If you are in student ministry, we highly recommend subscribing. Lots of great daily content from Josh Griffin, Kurt Johnston, and other in-the-trenches leaders. Here’s the gold from this week’s editions… • Communication Basics (Tips on getting the […]