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13 Reasons Why I Chose Life

Whatever you think about the phenomenon, it has taken on teen culture by storm: over three million copies of the novel Thirteen Reasons Why have been sold and the Netflix series has broken viewing records. Thousands of teens have watched it — despite the MA rating — and the conversations going around schools everywhere are enticing other teens to jump […]

Web Strategy: Plugging in Students and Leaders

I love what Derick and Pam Brown of Elevate Student Ministries are doing with their student web site. They are just getting started, but in the last month they have invited their student body and volunteer staff to be contributors on the site. As Derick puts it, elevationgeneration.org is a “blog for students, by students […]

“I Love My Job”

This touching video is from the guys over at Youth Specialties. Deanna and I attended their National Youth Workers Conventions for a decade together and will be forever grateful for their ministry and impact on our lives. YS has written some discussion questions to go with this video to use in your ministry to spark […]

Three Great Tech Tools

This week I want to share three online tools that I use on a weekly basis to communicate to my students and their parents. Why three? Because that is the perfect number of points for any blog or sermon. One point isn’t worth sharing from an author standpoint. If you just have two points, people […]

Social Media Buffering

I’m getting pumped up about a social media workshop I’m leading in Bismarck, ND, tomorrow evening. I’m not really sure how I became the “expert”, but I’ve been doing it for a long time and have had pretty good success with gaining an audience over the years. Not by friending every person that follows and obnoxiously asking for retweets […]