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The Making of a Dad

On Father’s Day Eve I’m reflecting on my dad-hood. 20 years ago I was blessed with the first of three incredible kids. What a ride! Like many families, we’ve experienced heart-wrenching twists and turns in our collective story, yet maintain more parental pride than should be allowed. I’m also reflecting on a single chapter in […]

Beautiful Life

If you’re looking for a powerful media piece dealing with the gift of life, we highly recommend “Beautiful Life” from Trip Lee’s new album, “The Good Life” (highlighted here last week). With lyrics as potent as this, a follow-up discussion with students should be easy. My personal favorite… Hey, don’t get me wrong, Look, I agree […]

Remember the Day

Yesterday, I was reminiscing about my days in a hip hop group from my youth. I asked my parents if they had any pictures I could share. After some digging, we didn’t come up with any photos, but we found some video footage… On the same old tape, we discovered some footage of me dancing […]