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Now… Be Funny!

Ministry is an odd game. We are – either consciously or subconsciously – expected to be all things to all people. Event planners, computer technicians, theologians, grounds maintenance persons, counselors, and secretaries, just to name a few. On top of all that we are required to be comedians. On queue. Like flipping a switch. Just… […]

Seven Lies: The Message

I am a big fan of BlimeyCow. BlimeyCow is a family of college-age peeps and their friends who enjoy making YouTube videos that address Christianity, Internet culture, movie culture, and other pop-culture practices through sarcasm and comedy. While sometimes their “Messy Mondays” videos can be challenging and even offensive to those not understanding Christian satire, […]

DATING: Trouble When You Walked In

I’m using a great dating discussion I found over at The Source For Youth Ministry at this weekend’s youth service at New Life. It’s features Taylor Swift’s song, “I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In”… Maybe you’d like to file it away and use it, too. You can access it for free here!

Purity Code

It’s the month of LOVE. And it’s a great time to talk with students about relationships and purity. In 2008, Dr. Jim Burns released a book for teens entitled “The Purity Code: God’s Plan for Sex and Your Body.” The intent is for parents and youth leaders to read the book along with students. The […]

The REAL Jesus

I shared about Download Youth Ministry early last month. Their stuff is seriously so good, I find myself wanting to download the whole store every time I visit! One perk that I didn’t mention is that when you sign up for their weekly email newsletter, you get weekly $1 deals on great curriculum and ministry content. […]

Valuing Variety in Messages

I was chatting with my oldest daughter after church today; I had just finished sharing in the morning service. She feels called into youth ministry so I always enjoy having conversations with her about what she thinks about when I minister. She was commenting about all of the different elements I had used that morning […]

Rebuilding Walls

The family exists, even in it’s imperfections, to display the heart of God to every generation. In this message, Pastor Kelly Fellows, our national NextGen Director, shares an important word about families and how their current condition is impacting this generation.