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Let it Go

Sometimes you have to let things go. Hurts, sorrows, loss, weekly email newsletters… Yes, it’s true. As technology marches ever onward, old technology will become more-and-more obsolete. The email newsletter is no exception. At Elevate Student Ministries, we have sent out a weekly student eNewsletter for many years. I’ve sent at least 246 of them myself, and […]

JellyTelly IOS App

JellyTelly is now available on your iPhone/iPad/iPod! Take your JellyTelly.com membership everywhere you go with this free app! With this app, you get instant access to over 100 hours of Christian videos in an ad-free environment with trusted shows for kids like “Buck Denver Asks…”, “What’s in the Bible?”, “Theo”, “Parables”, “The Pond”, and more. Not a […]