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Your Time With Them is Limited

As a father of five, my life is full of amazing family memories… Right now, I’ve got a daughter that is about to graduate from high school… CRAZY! Another daughter that just finished up her first year of employment at Pizza Hut and has been in a relationship with a boy for a couple months… […]

Lasting Power of Theming and Branding

We hosted a Christmas-panda-bear-themed birthday party for my daughter this weekend. It was a HUGE hit! WHY? I think it was because the kids went home all excited about the panda cupcakes they made themselves, the panda olympic games they played, and the panda music video we made together… My wife made a fun poster board […]

Thoughts from the ELN Forum

It’s no secret that I’m a firm believer in Foursquare’s Emerging Leader Network program. I’ve been talking about it since it’s conception over a decade ago, and especially since I’ve been in the Gateway District NextGen Rep role. I think it is not only beneficial to the health of Foursquare and our district, but absolutely […]


Pinterest has now surpassed Google+ and Tumblr in sharing.  What is it? Pinterest is the popular, new social network that allows people to share virtual pinboards of photos and links. The question for churches and NextGen ministries is, does this site have any interest or application for our ministry groups? Let us suggest that the answer […]