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Vows To Four-Year-Old Daughter

Watch these beautiful wedding vows to each other and their four-year-old daughter. Watching this brought tears to our eyes. This would be a great video to highlight with students when you are discussing marriage, relationships, vows, commitment, and/or purity. Watch the video and then start the conversation by asking a few of these questions: What […]

Letting Go of the Rope (My Struggle with Forgiveness)

When I was a kid and would get into arguments with my younger brother or sister, my mom enacted swift justice. She’d pronounce guilt, then immediately make the offending party (usually me) say to the one who’d been aggrieved: “You were right. I was wrong.” Then, whether we wanted to or not, the other would […]

DATING: Trouble When You Walked In

I’m using a great dating discussion I found over at The Source For Youth Ministry at this weekend’s youth service at New Life. It’s features Taylor Swift’s song, “I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In”… Maybe you’d like to file it away and use it, too. You can access it for free here!

The “Talk”

I HATE giving the “talk”! You know which “Talk” I am referring to, right? THE “talk”? Yeah, the one that youth pastors world-wide despise even thinking about.  The one that keeps us up at night? The one that makes us fear for our lives — or at the very least, our jobs? Well, suck it up Buttercup. […]