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Watch The Moon or Smell Roses or Whatever

I just put up my “February at Destiny 2014″ calendar. The year has barely started and I’m staring down the barrel of February. Am I the only guy that says “febRUary” when writing February? I thought not. Anyway, why is it that time keeps going faster and faster every year? This time last year I […]

Rest, Burn-out and Time Management in Ministry

Back in July of 2009 I was a special podcast guest on StudentMinistry.org’s Live YM Talk with Tim Schmoyer. I talked about a topic that’s near to my heart because I’ve seen too many of our own burn-out from a lack of rest and sabbath. If this is something you struggle with, I’d encourage you […]

Running on Empty

It stinks when there’s just “not enough time in the day”. Or how about that “busy season” you’re working your way through? It’s gonna end soon, right? And then there’s that “really important” trip or meeting that you’ve spent countless hours on this past month.  These are all lies that keep you trapped in an […]

Put a Little “Vaca” in Your Day

Lately, here at Gateway Nextgen, we have been posting a lot about burnout. And no wonder, as it is one of the biggest problems facing the modern youth pastor. Yesterday, I met with a man who is a youth pastor at one church, children’s pastor at another and is being pressured to start another youth group in […]

The Test of Time

I think managing our time is one of those skills in the NextGen leader’s profession that we need to figure out how to conquer. I’ve seen one too many of my peers give it their all — filling up a monthly ministry calendar, going to student’s extracurricular activities, taking late night phone calls, going out […]