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Vows To Four-Year-Old Daughter

Watch these beautiful wedding vows to each other and their four-year-old daughter. Watching this brought tears to our eyes. This would be a great video to highlight with students when you are discussing marriage, relationships, vows, commitment, and/or purity. Watch the video and then start the conversation by asking a few of these questions: What […]

The Purity “Love Panel”

We wanted to share this video from our NextGen friends in the great state of North Dakota. This is part of a message series called “Purity” that Legacy Student Ministries of New Song Church in Bismarck is finishing up this week. They posted this video on their Facebook group last week and I thought it […]

Purity Code

It’s the month of LOVE. And it’s a great time to talk with students about relationships and purity. In 2008, Dr. Jim Burns released a book for teens entitled “The Purity Code: God’s Plan for Sex and Your Body.” The intent is for parents and youth leaders to read the book along with students. The […]