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Coming Face-to-Face With God

I was recently asked — as in a mere few hours ago: “How do we disciple students?” It was an adult leader who was really impressed by the caliber of students here with us at the Face-to-Face Retreat this weekend up here in Medora, ND. The Face-to-Face Retreat is hosted by the New Song student […]

A Different Kind of Zombie

This is part 5, the last in the “Don’t Buy the Lie” series of posts on the supernatural… view the series introduction here. Read part two, “Lies from the Dark Side,” here. Part three, “Psychics and our Emotions”, here. And part four, “Ghosts, Spirits and Reincarnation”, here. Since the Garden of Eden, there has been a problem. Sin separates us from […]

Delicious Side Dishes

This post has been shared from the blog of our National NextGen Rep, Kelly Fellows, with permission. On special occasions, I like to go out to dinner at a well known steak house that is famous for their unique preparation and fine cuts of meat. As wonderful as the steaks are, their “side-dish” selections are exquisite. […]

Worship and Wait: New Year’s Event

Not to try and skip over Christmas or anything, but if you are looking for a student service idea for the New Year, I’ve got one that I want to share with you from our time as youth pastors at Destiny Foursquare Church. Destiny has a long-standing tradition of doing an event on New Year’s […]