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A Story About A Bug… Kinda

It’s October in South Dakota. October in South Dakota is pretty much like you might expect South Dakotan life to be. The only real differences between September and October here are that the weather is a little cooler, pumpkins are available in the stores and boxelder bugs are out in full force. A few minutes ago, one such Boxelder […]

To See The Way He Does

It was a pretty awesome weekend of ministry at NorthRock. I had the opportunity to sit 2nd-seat to Lauren Fenner, one of our ECHO ELN interns, on the worship team. I’ve been spending some time with her each week trying to mentor her on keys and worship leading. But to be honest, she was already […]

Jimmy and Marna Monaghan’s Testimony

Jimmy and Marna Monaghan, until just recently, were Celebrate Recovery pastors at NorthRock Church in Thornton, CO. They moved in January to accept a new ministry assignment in Las Vegas. These two have a painful and tragic story to tell. However, at it’s core, it is a beautiful story of hope, grace, and ultimately, tangible […]

Making Nostalgia New Again

I think I may have already found my favorite Super Bowl commercial for 2014: it’s called “The Truth” and is an advertisement for Kia’s K900 luxury car… The Matrix… ahhhh… I can still remember the first time I saw it in the theater. I was so excited when Neo came back at the end of […]