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Slaying Biblical Illiteracy

“Slaying Biblical Illiteracy”, a new book from our friends at The Youth Cartel, written by Matt Andrews, is one of those books that every NextGen pastor should have on their shelf. I received my copy at our district’s Fall Conference and showed it to our Foursquare General Supervisor, Tammy Dunahoo. She agreed that biblical illiteracy is an important topic […]

NextGen Strategy

I was about to get “all charismatic” and get up and SHOUT as Tammy Dunahoo was re-sharing, in this morning’s general session, what she had already shared with our national NextGen team earlier in the week. I’m so thankful for her prophetic vision and leadership… I listed the new NextGen initiatives here. The NextGen national team […]

New Direction

This week, I am in Phoenix, AZ, for the International Foursquare Convention called Connection 2012. For the last couple of days, I’ve had the pleasure of spending most of my time with my peers in the national NextGen team… Yup. They are pretty much awesome! We started our time yesterday enjoying breakfast with Tammy Dunahoo, […]