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Communicating with Students, Parents, and Volunteers

Our friends over at The Youth Cartel are releasing a series of NextGen ministry training videos to help our field learn foundational skills. They are starting with this one: “Communication with Students, Parents, and Volunteers” — and we think it’s an important topic to dig into. Whether you are a brand new NextGen pastor or leader, just getting […]

Introducing PRACTITIONERS: NextGen Leader Training

REGISTER FOR FREE DISCUSSION QUESTIONS – (COMING SOON) WATCH ONLINE WHAT IS PRACTITIONERS? 2015 Spring Event: Choose Your Adventure The Live, Online Event will be streamed Saturday, May 2nd @ 12 pm EST and again at 3 pm EST, and can be accessed by visiting the “Watch Online” link above. A FREE livestream.com account is required to view the […]

Good To Go Video Training

Good To Go is a new resource from Group that delivers quality and consistent training that prepares and equips ministry volunteers for their roles. With Good to Go you get… – Practical, engaging, and convenient training for even the busiest volunteers. – Confidence your volunteers are equipped and ready to roll week after week. – More […]

Right Now Media

Are you looking for a discipleship, training, media content solution for your church? We want to point you towards Right Way Media… The wealth of information and valuable content available in their media library is amazing! And their mission is on point: to encourage millions of Christians to be on mission wherever God has them. There […]

VIA Media from Fuller Youth Institute

Would you believe that the percentages of young people who report sexting, feeling bullied or harassed on social media, and having seen explicit images online are all declining? Or that a large percentage of young people have told researchers that some of their happiest memories of time spent with their families have centered around things like […]

Raising Mission-Ready Students

When people say good things about us, especially people we respect, their words tend to stick with us forever. These positive verbal images become part of how we view ourselves. Imagine how Timothy felt when his mentor, Paul, wrote to a church about him. Timothy was just a young leader when Paul stuck a “letter […]