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KidMin-Recommended Resources

I love what Facebook can do to network great leaders with great resources and ideas. Our Children’s Workers Facebook Group has been especially active. Here’s a couple of recent recommendation that were too good not to share on a wider scale… #1) Our first recommendation comes from Family Life Pastor, Laurie Johnson, at the New Horizons […]

When Students Visit

[Originally posted at Youth Specialties in September of 2010] Moving to a new city last month, my family — including my two teenage daughters — have been visiting a few local churches to see which one might be a good fit for our family.  It’s a weird process that kind of feels like some kind […]

Welcoming Party

Our family has been visiting local churches again, trying to find a new church home up here in our new community: Grand Forks, ND. It’s always interesting for me, as someone who’s been in ministry for a while, to be in the position of a newcomer. I don’t want to be a church-going consumer — […]