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Communicating with Students, Parents, and Volunteers

Our friends over at The Youth Cartel are releasing a series of NextGen ministry training videos to help our field learn foundational skills. They are starting with this one: “Communication with Students, Parents, and Volunteers” — and we think it’s an important topic to dig into. Whether you are a brand new NextGen pastor or leader, just getting […]

Slaying Biblical Illiteracy

“Slaying Biblical Illiteracy”, a new book from our friends at The Youth Cartel, written by Matt Andrews, is one of those books that every NextGen pastor should have on their shelf. I received my copy at our district’s Fall Conference and showed it to our Foursquare General Supervisor, Tammy Dunahoo. She agreed that biblical illiteracy is an important topic […]

Ruining Teenagers and Young Adults for Jesus

In 1989, Seth launched Adventures in Mission, and serves as AIM’s CEO. AIM has taken over 90,000 people into the mission field and now has full-time ministry bases all over the world. Seth currently lives with Karen and two of their five children in Gainesville, Georgia. This is Seth’s talk at the Youth Cartel’s Summit […]

Sign Him Up!

Thanks to this week’s Youth Cartel “Youtube You Can Use” for the great video find! Click over here to view the accompanying discussion starter. It’s so cool that we get to cheer on and support young leaders who display so much hope for our future! That’s what this video did for me, anyhow… it about made […]

Preparing to Enter Into the Creative Process

As part of our ministry roles, most of us are weekly involved in the creative process. The worst thing is staring at a blank page and finding yourself stuck in a place of blankness… the dreaded writer’s block. We have the creativity of the Creator to draw on. But how do we get to that place? I […]

Where Teenagers Have a Voice

You are gonna want to chew on this and then show it to your student ministry volunteer team, too. We suggest leading a discussion on it. Great material from the Youth Cartel’s recent Summit… Every talk from the 2012 Summit is now available for immediate purchase and download. Think “TED talks” for youth ministry. Go […]