Welcome To A New Era!

What you are looking at is the result of Foursquare leaders planning and praying together to resource and network our NextGen movement towards our three main objectives:

1) To empower churches to disciple NextGen students from birth to young adults,

2) To identify callings: intentionally helping each one develop their mission and purpose, and

3) To network churches by providing clear pathways to connect NextGen to training.

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We are launching with well over four hundred articles that fit into our three main categories: 1) ENGAGE, thoughts and instruction to wrap your head around, 2) INSPIRE, devotions, stories and messages to fill your heart, and 3) EQUIP, tools and resources to put your hands on.

These are articles that have been pulled from other NextGen leaders and pastors who have already been posting content  to share and equip NextGen leaders. We’ve assembled them altogether in one place, spent some considerable time tagging and categorizing them to make them easily identifiable and searchable, and have also labeled them as relevant to children, youth, and/or young adult pastors and leaders. To narrow it down even farther, we’ve broken down the content into category types such as games, leadership, tools, reviews, sermons, technology, training and more!

We suggest that you take some time now to explore the site and all the we have to offer. Start off by visiting our CONNECT page, where you can subscribe to our brand new email newsletter, connect with us via our social networking profiles, join our affinity-based Facebook groups for children’s, youth, and young adult pastors and leaders, and subscribe to our RSS feed via the reader of your choice or email.

Next, head over to the MEET YOUR DISTRICT NEXTGEN REP page and get to know your district NextGen Rep and/or Team, connect with your regional NextGen sites, and file away their contact information for the next time you have a question or concern. They are your local contact, care and support for what is happening with NextGen ministry for your district.

Another page to take note of is the EDUCATION AND TRAINING page. It’s basically just a one-stop-shop for you to connect students or young leaders to ministry and education pathways within the Foursquare denomination. It links to more information on the Emerging Leader Network, the Ignite Academy, and Life Pacific Bible College.

The meat of the site is found on our BLOG pages. You can access different categories through the brightly colored circle or rectangle buttons on the home page or go directly to our RESOURCES page, where you’ll find archived posts and our handy search tool (snapshot below) to find the content that’s most relevant to you…

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All of the content will flow through our social media profiles and email communications. We think you’ll really love all the new content that is going to be coming your way!

If you are an in-the-trenches NextGen pastor or leader and you would love to share wisdom, resources, ministry ideas and more with other leaders in our denomination, please connect with your District NextGen Rep to find out how you can become involved as a contributing author on the site. We need authors from all backgrounds of ministry: children, youth, and young adult pastors in rural, urban and cross-cultural settings.

Thanks for stopping by. And, please, use the social share buttons below to help us spread the word!