When It’s Time To Move On

I’m not leaving my local church. Let’s just make that clear right now. So anyone from Rapid City who thinks this post means that my family and I are “moving on” – we’re not. We hope to be at Destiny FOREVER. Am I clear? I hope so.

Now that we’ve settled that matter, I am moving out of a volunteer position with a local para-ministry that I’ve been involved in for the past 6 years. I will no longer be doing what I was doing but I will be doing something new and exciting with this ministry. So I’m torn. Here are 4 things you might feel when it’s time to move on.

1. Sadness

It’s normal to feel sorrow at the end of a journey. We need to grieve the passing of our journey from one leg to the next. This helps us appreciate where we’ve come from. It helps us to remember what we’ve done so that we can be better prepared to deal with difficulties that may arise in our future. It also honors the people we worked with and the time we spent serving. All of that mattered — and still matters — even though we are moving on.

2. Joy

Excitement over new opportunities and new horizons doesn’t discredit or degrade our past accomplishments. Excitement to work with new people doesn’t mean that the people you used to serve with don’t matter anymore. Rather, it’s quite the opposite. As we move into the future, we bring our past experiences and relationships with us. Not being excited about our future corrupts the memory of our past relationships and dismisses the importance of them. Being joyful and excited about the future honors the past that made us who we are.

3. Fear

In this conversation, fear is a two way street. We feel afraid of the unknown future, but that’s standard. We always fear what we cannot clearly see. But we also, at least in my case, fear that the programs and people we loved so much — that we poured so much of ourselves into — won’t be loved when we’re gone. While this is natural — human nature — it is not God’s nature. We need to accept that He is in control and that our successors are the right people for the job, even if they don’t do things the way we would. It may be cliche, but we need to learn to let go and let God.

4. Hope

Where sin abounds, grace much more abounds. And where fear abounds, hope much more abounds. We have a choice to make: we can fear the unknown future or we can choose hope. Hope that what we’re leaving behind will grow. Hope that we will flourish. Hope that God ultimately has a plan that is so good that everyone can win.

When the time to move on comes, be free to feel. Feel whatever you need to. Emotion is a gift from God. But when you come down, choose hope because God has a plan and it’s awesome.


What other emotions have you felt when transitioning? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment’s section. Seriously! We’re all in this together.